Thermal Image Surveys

Thermal Image Surveying is a process in the use of a special camera designed to identify heat by the way of Infra Red energy waves.

Infra Red waves are invisible to the naked eye therefore so is heat. Potential problems can often be found due to an excess of heat being released by the component, even those which would normally produce some heat when performing at their optimum level.

If left and undetected these problems can lead to failure on or to parts of the electrical installation. These failures can result in expensive production loss or downtime and in worse case scenario FIRE.

As heat cannot be seen and certainly any difference between normal operating temperature and any raised levels due to possible malfunction could not be picked up by even the most highly skilled engineer, Thermal image Surveying should be an integral part of any PPM allowing any deterioration within the electrical installation to be identified and corrective actions to be targeted, thus preventing potential electric shock, burns, fire or a serious incidents.

Thermal Image Surveys are non intrusive and have no impact on the day to day running of any business which makes this service an invaluable part of any planned maintenance programme.

As mentioned earlier regular programming of Thermal Imaging can highlight potential problems before the potential failure of any component. As a result of this service repairs (if applicable) can be planned for in terms of both time and budget.

Thermal Imaging of electrical installations can and often finds the following:

  • Loose connections
  • Overloads
  • Phase imbalances
  • Blocked or restricted cooling tubes in transformers
  • High resistance in fuses and switchgear

Today many organisations are looking towards alternatives to any downtime of their business which Periodic Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations sometimes requires. However, this service cannot and is not recognised as a substitute for Inspection and Testing but is an invaluable service in the monitoring for the continued safety of the electrical installation.

On completion of the Thermal Image Survey of the electrical installation a substantial and comprehensive report will be provided, which will include:

  • Thermal image of switchgear, distribution board, individual protective devices etc…
  • A still picture of the item surveyed
  • Information regarding temperature etc… at the time of survey

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