Emergency Lighting Inspection & Testing

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, every employer is required to identify the risks to people who enter the employer’s premises. The employer is required to take measures on the basis of the risk assessment to safeguard the building occupants. These measures need to include the provision of safe means of escape, including where necessary, emergency lighting, taking into account the needs of people with disabilities, in particular people with visual impairment.

Regular and routine inspection and testing of the emergency lighting system according to the current British Standards BS 5266-1: 2005 will identify those risks allowing any deterioration within the existing emergency lighting system to be identified and corrective actions to be targeted.

On completion of the Inspection & Testing of an Existing Emergency Lighting Installation a substantial and comprehensive report will be provided, which will include:

  • Emergency Lighting Logbook
  • PPM Logbook
  • Summary
  • Defects/Non-compliances
  • Emergency Lighting Certificate

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